Some Fascinating Facts About Sex Toys That We Bet You Didn’t Know

If you are bored

While it is important to address your needs and make sure that you are getting the best of what you deserve, a lot of people in the society especially the developing countries think that sex is a taboo word and talking about it or expressing one’s love and affection in the public is something to shun and not to brag about.

Of course, times are a changing

Today, as the Millenials are growing into their teenage and eventually entering into their reproductive stage, there is a glimmer of hope see where they are not only empowered with the right kind of knowledge but are also emboldened to use anything that they think is right for themselves. They are definitely ready t go an extra mile if they think that the result will be worth the effort.

Knowledge is power

Why do we keep harping on this philosophy all the time? Experts in every field today believe that when a person has half baked knowledge of any discipline, it mars him from taking the right decision. This is obvious because, without complete knowledge of a particular thing, one cannot appreciate the facts completely and if there has to be a decision to be taken at the spur of the moment then it could be fraught with doubts and confusion.

That is precisely why it is important for teens and people in their early twenties to know the complete truth and all the relevant facts about sex toys and the safe use that they can make use of. In absence of complete knowledge f the subject, there are chances that they may try something which is not very healthy for their vital organs and end up damaging their delicate parts and also be scarred for life.

Animal shapes

Have you noticed that most sex toys that are available in secret markets and on the online stores are in the shape of animals? Have you ever thought about it? Well, there is a logical reason behind the most obvious answer that they look cute. In the 1970s, the Japanese government had banned the manufacture, sale and the use of sex toys.

And to work along with the ban, manufacturers made dildos in the shape of cute rabbits that were even passed off as massagers or show pieces. Ever since animal shaped dildos have ruled the roost mostly.

Dolphins, horses, cats, teddies, you name a cute animal and you have one there already. Apparently, it has been well researched that when women see cute animals they feel turned on and this helps in the excitement stage which can culminate with the use of the sex toy to reach orgasm. Sex toys, however good is no replacement for the real thing!

The fact is that however good the sex toy dildo or the vibrator is, it can never ever be a replacement for a real partner in bed. These sex toys are actually aids that can help the partners reach newer heights in mutual pleasure and staying there longer.

A lot of women think that using the sex aids and toys can send the men away. But, this is far from the truth. Men are also warming up to the idea of using toys in bed and this is a sign that good times are coming.

Promising market

The sex toy industry is growing at an unprecedented rate and the till the last year it had clocked a whopping 20 billion dollar and it is estimated to grow at a rate of 30 -35 percent annually. The manufacturers are working day in and day out trying to outdo the competition by making such wonderfully sleazy toys that it is hard to even resist the temperature to buy them and use them.

Take for example the sex dolls

Do you know these Adult Products India are earily so perfect that if you were unaware, you could actually pass them off as a real woman! The manufacturers of these dolls have gone to such an extent to maintain a warm temperature in the place where it matters by having a controlled heating environment inside them to let the person feel the exact body temperature of a woman.

No wonder then men who fall in love with these fetish sex dolls drool over them and objectify them to such an extent that they cannot have enough of them. Some of the sex toy manufacturers have also confirmed that they get letters from their consumers who write flushing romantic letters as an ode to their favorite sex toy!