Our Goal

What goal can a sex toy manufacturer possibly have?

When we started out, my brother and me; we had no idea what we wanted to do. all we knew was that we wanted to work together and to manufacture something that will never go out of use. It was at that time that my brother had had an emotional break up with his girlfriend of five years.

He was so emotionally attached to her even after she had left him for good that he mostly dwelled in the past. For two years after that, he never had an interest in anyone at all. He shunned physical contact and never got interested in a social life.

It was during this time that I had heard about sex dolls that were available

A common friend who got us talking about how advanced the sex dolls were got us thinking if that is where we wanted to invest our time and energy. We wanted to do our research to see f they were as good as the claim was.

We were impressed

I made my brother get ready for an experience of his life. He was reluctant at first to become the guinea pig but explanations later he agreed to test the doll just because he was keen on starting the new venture. And was he impressed? Boy, he sure was!

The next day, he was all excited and full of zest and livelihood. Believe me, I had not seen my brother so happy in the last two years. It was like a big burden that permanently stayed on him, his brains and heart had vanished into thin air.

Here was the impetus for us to take control. We immediately decided that this is what we are meant to do. Ever since it has been two decades of hard work and fun to make fun products. The goal at that time was to make economic sense and to be able to produce things that are marketable. But today, the company goals are quite different from what we started out with.

Our goals today

1. To help bring excitement back into people’s lives;

2. To let people have a healthy relationship with their bodies

3. To be able to help them to overcome their burdens albeit even in the smallest way.

There is nothing better than having great sex. If you are someone who believes in this philosophy, you must try our products. You will never ever be disappointed and that is a promise from us. You can take it down in writing!